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Hey Church, good news!

Several weeks ago we revised our repair remodel project to break it down into smaller phases. Well, Phase 1 is complete! The corner of our education building has been raised and stabilized and the drainage on the corner has been repaired and improved. The drain going under the driveway has been replaced and the complete section around the corner has been concreted. This should prevent future damage to the building due to poor water drainage.

The two non-working HVAC units have been replaced on the sanctuary. We now have four working units for the first time in several years. There was a noticeable difference in the auditorium on Wednesday night.

Big thank you to David Hegel for overseeing these projects!

Our next phase will be to repair our sign and remodel the education building. This will include upgrading our electrical system, providing a new HVAC unit for the upstairs, new duct work, better insulating the upstairs ceiling, replacing ceiling tile and lights both upstairs and downstairs, enlarging one of the upstairs classrooms, painting, flooring and other needed improvements. The current estimate for this phase is $115,000.00. We are trusting the Lord to provide the money we need. We will do the project as the money comes in. You can give to our Building Fund by using the envelopes in the pew racks on Sunday or you can give online by clicking here and follow the instructions. Be sure to click on “Building Fund” in the drop-down box.

To God be the glory!

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